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Cleanup and Cleanout Service

Cleanups and Cleanouts are words used alot in the dumpster & junk removal business what are they?

A Cleanup is typically an outside property where debris needs to be removed. This is usually yard and landscaping debris, home builder jobsite debris or large construction site debris.

Cleanouts are services used inside a property where the room or facility needs to be emptied of junk and waste. Popular residential cleanout jobs are Estate Cleanouts, Tenant Eviction Cleanouts, and Foreclosure Cleanouts. Commercial cleanouts include offices and warehouses, store closures and restaurant remodels.

Key Waste Service offer boths cleanup service and cleanout service. Contact us for best service and prices in Rowan County.

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Examples of Cleanup Cleanout Services

  • Attic & Basement Cleanout
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Eviction Cleanout
  • Foreclosure Cleanout
  • Store Closing Cleanout
  • Restaurant Cleanout
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Storage Unit Cleanout
  • Construction Site Cleanup
  • Home Builder Cleanup
  • Yard & Landscaping Cleanup

Reliable & Experienced Cleanout Services

We are here to help. We enjoy helping property managers, business owners, and families with a cost-effective and efficient cleanout service. We understand that estate cleanouts are sensitive times for families and we want to help make the transition easy. Please call us with any questions you have, we pride ourselves in being transparent and helpful to all customers.

  • Cleanup Cleanout Scheduling: If you are looking to schedule service it is best to fill out the form below, or call us at (704) 804-2388. We believe in prompt service and will get back with you on the same day.

  • Cleanup Cleanout Pricing: Because cleanup and cleanout jobs vary so much its difficult to list flat pricing. However if you leave us a message or call with the details we can usually determine accurate pricing without having to come one site.

  • Quick & Thorough Cleanouts: We understand that your time is valuable. We show up on time and work efficiently to minimize your down time

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